You know that feeling when you throw a party and no one shows up when it’s supposed to start? You look at the clock, it’s 5 past the hour and you being to wonder if you really have any friends. Well, making your own Facebook Page is sort of like that. Waiting for people to “Like” your page is very odd and makes you seem like your full of yourself. So let me tell you why I created a page for my website.

1. Audience

I’m adding more and more “Friends” and while I’m ok with that, I feel I owe them the courtesy of statues they want to hear and none about me begging for a ride from downtown Lakeland.

2. Facebook offers community.

Lets face it. Almost everyone is on Facebook.In fact, I bet a lot of us stay on Facebook all day. So why not make a community out of it? Yes, I could use my blog to achieve the same goal but who wants to go there and write comments when you can share thoughts on this page in real time. I want to create discussions that are meaningful and challenging. I think Facebook could be the place just for that.

3. Life Posts

Life is fast. It’s so fast sometimes I can’t blog about it, but I can make a status about it. I want to share that more and I want you to be a part of it.

I hope you will stop by my page and “Like” Me. I promise you, I don’t have a big ego just a big head.

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