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May 22, 2015



Inspired by such films as The Way and The Secret Life of Walter MittyWho We Are follows fifteen strangers as they travel across America willfully into the unknown. Directed by Chris Pochiba, and filmed during the summer of 2014, Who We Are showcases the struggles and joys of physically sacrificing for others.

Who We Are offers a rare glimpse into the life of a Venture Expeditions cyclist, capturing the frenetic energy of riding on a dangerous highway; and in the end, it portrays a journey that is both intimate and epic.

Mapped out from Seattle to New York City, the tour chronicled in Who We Are kicks off in Seattle, where the team first meets. They have to learn to ride as a team, climb the Cascade Mountains, and face the dangerous weather conditions of the Pacific Northwest.

Through heart-on-sleeve interviews and candid conversations, Who We Are  reveals their relentless determination to finish the adventure while discovering their own souls.

Throughout their excursions around the country, the team shares with different communities the reason why they are riding is to raise awareness for Burmese refugees. The team radiates a sense of joyful brotherhood that is intensely uplifting.

Who We Are is ultimately a soul-stirring look at a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, addressing the daunting question of who we really are as human beings.


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