I’m in the middle of showcasing my new film AD(VENTURE) and it never fails after each event someone will come up to me and ask “So what’s your next adventure?” Normally, I smile and say something smart like “I’ll be inline skating across America” (which apparently is a real thing). However, thats not the truth at all. The truth is I have no idea what I’m doing next.

That scares me more than ever. It’s as if all the inspiration that I have when creating my book and film has just been sucked out of me. When I sit in coffee shops, the blinking cursor on my computer just does that. It blinks continually, until I close my laptop without ever writing a word.
Maybe you feel like me. Flat. Heavy. Bored. Totally uninspired. Anything is better than limbo. While I acknowledge we each go through seasons and this drought of inspiration is merely a season, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to settle for it.


That’s why I created the 10 Days of AD(VENTURE). I wanted to do something fun and unusual. When I first started creating the 10 days I wasn’t feeling it right away. It’s been my experience though, that when your uninspired being spontaneous and forced to live outside your comfort zone is just what you need.
So maybe your feeling just like me and maybe you need to add a little bit of adventure into your life. Now’s your time. It’s totally free, so stop being bored and go have an adventure. Have you ever felt uninspired? How did you motivate yourself to get out of the uninspired “funk”?


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