When People Attack

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A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog addressing my thoughts on boycotting Starbucks. I didn’t realize that blog piece would quickly become my highest read post…ever. It went outside my network of contacts and invited others to a conversation on how we as Christians should act in this world. Well, naturally the trolls came out and boy did they come out.


When you strive to make an impact, the trolls will come out to bring you down. That’s exactly what happened.


Notifications were screaming from my computer speakers. Comments were rolling in, and I was reading every one of them. That’s when I saw this doozy.

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I’ve never thought I would have people judging my relationship with God because of my opinion on boycotting Starbucks.


Some people don’t have the least bit of ambition and simply feel more comfortable when those around them are dragged down to their level.


Don’t let the trolls in your life bring you down.


Don’t let them win.


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