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Chris Pochiba, creator of Thumbraising, If you’re new to mobile fundraising this is where you can get started. It contains all the basic information for you to get started to raise capital for your campaigns!

Thumbraising: What is it?

In order for us to start a successful mobile fundraiser, we have to understand what the term thumbraising really means. Obviously this is a term that I coined, but the definition is pretty simple.

Thumbraising is the art of fundraising/campaigning via mobile technologies. It’s combining artful creation, marketing, and fundraising with a personal touch.

In other words, we utilize our phones and tablets to impact the world. Thumbraising doesn’t mean you create everything from your mobile device, but you utilize your mobile device to make an impact for your cause. Creating valuable content and experiences so that we can have a successful campaign.

The Thumbraising Journey

In the graphic below, I designed what an actual Thumbraising journey will look like. This is my road map of creating successful campaigns here on Thumbraising.

What Thumbraising Is Not

Let’s go a head and tackle this. Many of us are looking for that short quick fix, magic pill, shortcut when it comes to many things in our lives. Before we go any deeper into Thumbraising lets get his straight:

1. Thumbraising is not easy and it takes dedication.

Nothing worth keeping is ever free. It normally takes a lot of work. Fundraising/campaigning on lines is no different. This takes a lot of work. Many people will try to sell a magical formula to get more money, followers, or clout. These things don’t work. Why? Because they don’t care about your cause or you. They just want your money. My goal is shed light on what works and doesn’t work. I’ll give you the information but it’s up to you to do something about it.

2. Successful Thumbraisng doesn’t happen with the snap of your fingers.

Again, this isn’t a magic formula. As much as I wish I earned all that money over night it didn’t happen that way. It took months and months of hard work. There was nothing easy about it. Most of my campaigns come down to the wire, leaving me to wonder if I would ever make the final amount that I needed. If I can do this, so can you.

3. Thumbraising is NOT impossible

It may seem like you will never meet your goal or ever acheive all the finances you need to complete your campaign. There will be nights you lay awake wondering “What did I get myself into?” The storm is the roughest, right before it breaks. I was able to achieve my goals for each of my fundraisers and campaigns for my clients, and so can you!



In my experience it is essential for each campaign to have it’s own website. You of course can use free platforms like Tumblr,, Blogger, Wix or any other type of free blog platform, but I would recommend paying for your own hosting plan.


1. You need to have your own domain name. It doesn’t look that great when you have an extension like

2. You can’t make it your own. To create an experience for your donor creating your own brand/website is a must. You want the experience from the beginning to the end to fill cohesive. This will make you look professional and increase the chance of someone giving to your cause.

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