The Time I Screwed Up A Deal with Geico

By May 13, 2013 8 Comments


A couple of years ago, I got a call from Geico (that’s right the insurance company) asking for a bid to design their mobile app. This was a huge deal! We scheduled a web conference for 2 weeks out.


Two weeks went by, and the meeting was here. I was feeling confident in myself and my artwork. That soon subsided. I screwed up.

How did I screw up?


I wasn’t prepared enough. I rushed through the content process and went straight to the design aspect.


Sure my design was pretty on 3 pages, but it didn’t have any substance. In fact, it was so light on substance that my meeting only lasted 10 minutes. I didn’t rehearse what I was going to say, because frankly I thought I was good enough to wing it.


I wasn’t good enough to wing it.


After I showed the entire app, there was a long pause…then this question,


“Is that it?”


Then there was an even longer pause from me. Needless to say, I didn’t get Geico as a client.


I learned a tough lesson that day. You have to wow people. The wow factor doesn’t just come from great design. It also comes from having great content.


Wow look at this!

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