The Talking Condom

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We all are trying to increase our online presence. Whether we are trying to sale one of our products, promote an event, or even just getting more known our online presence is always needing to increase.

By exceeding our audience’s expectations on social networking sites, we can build an online presence that gets us noticed and promotes our product.  That’s where the talking condom comes into play.
In 2009, the New York City Department of Health wanted to increase the presence of the their “NYC Condom” campaign.
The “NYC Condom” campaign is a government program that gives more than 10 million condoms to promote safe sex. So how could they get more people to notice their campaign? That’s when the department came up with a great idea.


What if they created a twitter account that tweeted from the perspective of the condom?


When someone searched/typed terms into Twitters search engine like:


“Looking to hook up” or “Going to party”


@NYCCondom would tweet funny responses back such as;


“Don’t leave home without me”


“Pick me up! I’ll keep you covered!


“Going out? Don’t forget me!”


The department succeeded in getting their brand noticed. People’s expectations were blown out of the water! Some thought it was funny and thanked the department for reminding them.


Others were not so grateful and found it offensive.


Needless to say, their message received loud and clear. They set out to get noticed, and they successed.




How can you exceed your audiences expectations?


Do you think this campaign was appropriate or was the message lossed in the shock factor?

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