Yo College Freshman,
(that was me trying to sound really hip and cool. Please just imagine me with a ball cap on backwards.)


This is going to be one of the scariest and exciting weeks of your life. Many of you are stepping into an entirely new world, leaving the familiar behind. If you scared out of your mind, do me a favor right now.

Just breathe.


It’s ok to cry your eyes out or you have to call home to just hear your parents voice. It’s ok to be homesick. Don’t try to ignore it. Address it. Embrace it. Over time, I promise, you won’t feel that lump in your throat anymore.


What lies ahead of you will be some of the most adventurous years you will ever have. I’m sure everyone has been giving you their words of wisdom on what to expect on your college experience, maybe your parents are reliving their glory days or perhaps you’re the first one out of your family to head to higher education. Either way the most 3 important thing you MUST do while starting out college are:


1. Be willing to make the first move and introduce yourself to someone. Sure that knock on your neighbors door will be awkward at first, but everyone is waiting for someone. Be that person. Say yes to awkward moments and experiences. Say yes to the random road trips into town to see the sunset. Say yes to those people who inspire you and not hinder you. Say yes to the new opportunities. The events on campus. All the free stuff. Say yes to actually become the person you want to be.


2. Go to classes.
This seems like a no brainer but trust me it’s harder than you think. Study. Go to class and work your butt off. Don’t let classes own you but you own the classes. Take fun classes and take hard classes. Yes it would be awesome to major in Ultimate Frisbee, but try to find something else you are passionate about.


3.Remember your roots.
Remember where you come from. Don’t forget your home and your upbringing. Don’t you dare start thinking your better than those people “back home.” Let your past propel your future. Don’t let it be a crutch for you not to experience anything new, but also don’t use your new experiences to alienate your home.
Here’s to this next adventure.

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