Starting Off: How I Grew My Business from my Garage.

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You read all the time about stories of people starting in their garage and becoming the next big thing. While my story isn’t necessarily like that, I did start out in a garage, and I have seen success when it comes towards my business. In fact I just wrapped one of my biggest projects to day for an organization that is almost as old as the United States, the American Bible Society.

So how did I go from my garage to working with one of the largest ministries in our country? Click the jump to find out.

So what’s it take you ask? How did I go from Point A to Point B? Easy.




The only reason I had the opportunity to work with American Bible Society is because I built a relationship with them. They got to know me, and I got to know them. I invested in their ministry because it’s something I believe in. That is my entire story about my success so far. I have yet to spend a dime on marketing. I decided to focus my efforts in creating long-lasting relationships.


When relationships are your focus, rather than money, I feel it’s more rewarding in the end. People love to know you are cheering for them, not just using them. When you are seriously interested in their ministry, job, and dreams, because you want to be interested, it speaks volumes. People know when you care and when you just want a paycheck.


Nothing about my story is an overnight success. In fact it’s taken four long years to get to where I am, and I still haven’t reached my full potential. It took a year of building a relationship with ABS before anything took place.  It takes time, patience, and most of all hard work.


I hustled when I didn’t want to hustle.


When you plant a seed sometimes it takes a long time for that seed to sprout.  It may never sprout. I have people who I still haven’t worked for, but I’ve gained friendships. That’s just part of the journey.


So what are you waiting for? Your dream is out there, waiting for you to fulfill it. Go make relationships with people who can help you reach your full potential.


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