Starbucks: How Christians Are Getting It Wrong.

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***Updated** Check out this article. Great read.

I’m an avid coffee drinker. I will go out of my way to find a cool coffee shop to work from. Whether I like it or not I usually find myself in a Starbucks at least once a week. Whether I’m having a meeting or just trying to study, it never fails. Starbucks seems to be a common ground.

While surfing around on Facebook, I saw a couple people post on “Dropping Starbucks”. Their claims were to boycott the coffee brewing company, because the CEO Howard Schultz openly endorsed gay marriage. Read on to why I believe boycotting isn’t the answer.
Boycotting exposes those at their worst tendencies. Be honest. When you read posts from your Christian friends about boycotting Starbucks it does not come off as a “I’m doing this in love” statement. It comes off more like “I’m right, you’re wrong and I’m a sore winner”.
When did it ever work for anyone, when their beliefs were forced upon others?
It gives Christians a bad rap. Not because Christians have a different opinion, but because we so aggressively want people to agree with our opinion. It makes it extremely hard to show love to my homosexual friends when they have other Christians yelling hate filled comments in their face. It actually does more harm then it does good.
We aren’t called to shine our light, where the light is the brightest. We are called to shine our light into the darkness.

If you want to boycott Starbucks, thats fine. Thats your right to do that as an American citizen. Just like it’s Starbucks right to support equlized marriage.


If you boycott Starbucks, you need to boycott these other companies..


absolut gay marriage support


target gay marriage support


jcpenney gay marriage support

Kenneth Cole

kenneth cole gay marriage

Along with the following List


Good luck with that…


What do you think? Am I way off base with boycotting Starbucks?

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