Hurt, betrayal, and lost echo many of our lives. Some’s love story of the ages quickly dissolves into a story of staggering heartbreak. That’s when the ghosts come.
I know this is true for me.

There are memories that don’t fade, that run through the back of my mind. Those are the things I call ghosts.
Breakups are some of the most painful things we as humans go through. No matter if it’s a divorce, a lifelong relationship, or a 3-month fling it still burns.
The curious thing about ending relationships is that “it requires a retraction of the past, a reorientation of the present, and a rerouting of the future.”
When I went through my separation I remember finding myself feeling alone, constantly focusing on the pain, filled with doubt and ultimately confused.
That’s normal.
The good news, whether we want to believe it or not is that when something dies, something new is born.
My ghosts that would constantly bring up “What if” statements. “What ifI had only done that” or “Maybe if I can fix it if only….” In their haunting voice, they would always tell me that wasn’t good enough and I’ll never get over this.
[Tweet “The temptation of always looking back to the past keeps us from moving forward to the future.”]
Letting ghosts haunt our life with regrets, judgments, and needless analysis is counter-intuitive to our health.
No matter how awful the breakup, whether or not the ghosts are rattling in the back of our minds, or we find ourself filled with doubt, know that greater things are yet to come.
[Tweet “God is constantly making all things new, and rather than holding on to the old I choose to hold on to the new. “]
May you find hope, healing, and potential today and may you realize that your ghosts don’t have to haunt you any longer.

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