Run Like Forrest

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I visited  a youth group one time in high school. The youth pastor was that typical trendy, bleached tips, gotee (otherwise known as the pudding ring), Ed Hardy shirt wearing youth pastor.  Walking on stage, a light haze behind him he opened with

“Jesus is the greatest relationship we will ever have.”
Oh boy.
“Now I just ran to the store and picked up the DVD because I wanted to show you all this clip of how much Jesus loves you”
The screen flashed on, and the image of Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump appeared. It was the scene of Forrest going back through the jungle of Vietnam to save Lieutenant Dan. I immediately knew where this youth pastor was going, “Christ is like Forrest Gump and we are Lieutenant Dan. True love will go back into the jungle and rescue you.”
However, he didn’t get that far.  The scene was rattled with curse words and a little bit of gore.
“Put me down you dumb #$%#^” yelled out Lieutenant Dan.
Nervous laughter erupted from a few girls, while others hung their mouths open in disbelief. The youth pastor didn’t censor the clip, and whatever good intended message was there totally left the building.
No matter how compelling the message is, the delivery must complement the content.
What intended to be a message of love, hope and redemption turned into a chaotic mess of unbelief.
Moral of the story. You should probably at least watch the clip of whatever movie before you play it for your audience.

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