This fall I’m running across Florida with my friend Aaron Smith and Venture Expeditions to raise supports for my friends at Project Rescue. This is way beyond my comfort zone. This is such a big expedition for me. It’s so big, that I wanted to invite you a long my journey.

I’m going to be posting a weekly video (maybe more than that) on how my progress is going on my training. I want to document the progress of starting from nothing to running across the state of Florida. Let’s be honest, I’m really doing this to keep myself accountable. I’ll be tracking my runs on MapMyRun.

To get an idea of what will be happening this fall check out the video below. Thanks for your support. Look for the first update video later this week.

Run:Free from Sulva Productions on Vimeo.







Run Free is a running initiative of Venture Expeditions that addresses oppression and injustice in our world. Hundreds have participated by running in their communities, in local races or by running across Florida.


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