Please Give: Why asking for money isn’t working.

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Please Give

I work with tons of non-profits, missionaries, pastors, and one of the most common needs is money. That’s why they call me. They “need” a good video or a compelling graphic for people to give to their organization asking for money. That’s when I stop and tell them they don’t need a video to ask for money. They will be wasting their money. It’s not the video’s fault. It’s not the graphic’s fault. It’s the fact that they’re asking for money.

Let me explain.
Everyone has heard everything. It’s not about all the information you throw at me, because sometimes that’s not compelling enough. Honestly, sometimes it’s not even about the need. It’s about inviting your audience to be involved, to participate with your vision.
You have to make us, the congregation (the people) feel a part of that vision. I know we’re all so selfless, and we think about those who are less fortunate all the time. (This is sarcasm)
Lets be honest. That’s not true at all. If anything we think “What’s in it for me?”
This mentality is so heavy into our culture, that we have to embrace it as an organization. Just look at Kickstarter,  the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects.
One of the many reasons Kickstarter is so popular are the rewards you receive for giving money. You’re essentially paying someone to make a product that you will have to pay for again in the future!
Mind Blown.
Rewards are a great way to increase giving. But lets forget about the rewards for the moment. It’s about being invited to participate in the journey of the product.
People always want to be a part of something bigger themselves. Invite your people to be a part of something bigger then themselves.
So instead of just asking for money, what can you do to invite people to be a part of the journey? What other ways besides rewards can someone become a part of the story of your cause?

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