Working in the visual/audio world it’s pretty easy to get caught up in the lie that everything needs to be perfect.  I had a designer friend tell me  one of his clients actually said:

“That shade of grey is about 5% off the other shade of grey”

Now that makes me want to slap someone across the face. Why? Click the jump to find out.

Striving for excellence is one thing, attaining perfection is another. If you always wait for something to be perfect, you’ll always be waiting. If everyone had a perfect product, no one would have products.

Just because you give up on perfectionism, doesn’t mean you’ll no longer pay any attention details. We should expect to stay on top of things to ensure high-quality results, but that doesn’t mean we create unreasonable expectations.

When you focus on getting one thing perfect, before moving on to the next step you actually limit your productivity and creativity.

Done is better than perfect.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and launch that product. Write that book. Create that artwork.

Are you a perfectionist?

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