The concept of this series is easy. Start Monday off right. Over the next few weeks, lets karate chop Monday in the juggler and own the rest of the week. I’m tired of feeling anxious, sad, and stressed when it comes to Monday’s work. So lets Own Monday. 

Lesson One

Front load your week. 


When I’m trying to pack a room, the first thing I do is grab a large box to start storing all of the room’s items. With that large box, I have a choice. I can either start loading larger items first, or I can load smaller items first.

Which is the better route?


The Larger Items.


Think about it.  If we start with all the little items, are chances of fitting the larger items in the rest of the box are slim to none. If we start with the larger items, we have a better chance of squeezing more smaller items inside the box.


When it comes to Monday, start off with your largest to do item. If you can knock it out on Monday, it frees up the remainder of the week for those smaller items. Monday is proven to be one of the most productive days of the week. You’ve had the weekend to rest and reboot. Don’t waste it on items you can do later in the week, use it now.


Make Monday your crunch time, not Friday.

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