Let me be real with you. I’m really good at being mediocre. I mean I’ve mastered the art of gliding by at life. The other night I was sitting on my couch watch Scandal, feeling lazy. Let it be known, Scandal will suck you in and not let you go.

I knew I needed to go to the gym, but jeez this episode was so good. The gym can wait, right? The work that is piled up on my desk can wait until I’m finished with this episode, right?


Mediocrity will tell you it can wait. That you are fine where you are.
The next episode of Scandal started loading.

Curse you Netflix and your automatic load option!
While it was loading, I pulled out Facebook and started scrolling through the statuses. I’m a part of a closed group, whose sole purpose is to motivate and achieve New Years resolutions. All it took was for me to read 3 status updates of people hustling. Working hard for their dream.


I got up off the couch and said “I’m Chris Effin Pochiba, I’m doing this”. I felt like I was in a Bruce Willis movie.


It’s hard work to achieve your dreams. It sucks sometimes, but it’s possible.
Sometimes it takes you having to curse in between your first and last name to motivate yourself.


Don’t give up.


What are you hustling for?

Wow look at this!

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