Carlos and I met through a conversation on Twitter. Since that meeting, we’ve been working together on many of his various projects. Whether it’s his fitness program, his new book releasing in 2017, or a message he’s working on I love being able to work with him. He’s truly a moment maker and making an impact in the world.




I’ve had  the fortunate opportunity to be a part of some of Carlos’ various projects.

Kill the Spider

My latest project with Carlos is Kill the Spider his latest book release (releasing in October 2017). Not only did I have the fortunate opportunity to design the front cover of Kill the Spider (I write about that story here) but I am also heading up the entire book launch including strategy, social media designs, videos and more. 


Carlos has a large online fitness community that launches  Video production is crucial to the storytelling process and I’ve had the incredible privilege to provide meaningful content for the Fit By First community.


The ongoing partnership with Carlos has allowed us to hone their creative process and refocus his communication efforts into a higher level of influence. We’ve put up some huge numbers for Carlos in social shares and web traffic. I’m excited for the future in the next projects with the entire Whittakrew.

Let’s Work Together!