I Screwed Up God’s Will

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I screwedupgods will

Around 2 years ago I made the decision to move back to my hometown of Lexington, Kentucky to plant a market place ministry (like one of my favorite examples Ebenizers). That meant leaving the church where I was on staff at in Florida. I felt God prompting me to get out of my comfort zone.

Weeks after my wife and I had moved to Lexington, things were not going to plan. Meetings fell through. Pastor’s went back on their word of supporting the ministry. It just wasn’t turning out to be a good fit. I remember crying myself asleep thinking, Chris, how could you have been so stupid?

What followed were some of the toughest months I have ever experienced. Questioning God became a regular thing.

“I thought this was apart of your will?
“How did I screw this up?”

This season would continue for the next year and half. God had and still has a few things he wanted me to learn.

1.Just because God has called you to something doesn’t guarantee it will succeed. 

2. Just because life doesn’t turn out the way you thought doesn’t mean you missed God’s will. 

3. God’s will is more about becoming the person of God rather than getting to a destination.

4. I have a tendency to view my suffering as a sign of doing something wrong, not evidance that God is at work to teach me something. 

Although it was a very difficult season, without it I wouldn’t have gone on to:

Have you ever questioned God’s will? 

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