We’ve all had that moment in our lives haven’t we? You know that moment of “is there more to life than this? Is this what the rest of my life looks like?”

We rush into adulthood with great expectations of a life full of wonder. Instead, we get bombarded with the responsibilities of a mortgage, taxes, health insurance, and buying new tires for our car.

I hate buying new tires.

Maybe our relationships with friends are great but it’s our job that is giving us fits. We were once excited about the promotion and the promises this new job had attached with it. Now all we see is paperwork, spreadsheets, TPS Reports and Powerpoint’s with awful clipart. What once was exciting, new, and fresh has now turned into a soulless routine.

That’s when that ever aching question wanders into our mind: “Where’s my big break? When will this season end?”

The answer is simple.

Right now.

The opportunity has always been there, but sometimes we don’t see it. In fact, we get stuck living day to day that we forget to step back and look at the whole picture.

We need to see life differently so we can notice the opportunities.

“We often miss opportunity because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work” Thomas Edison.

Opportunity rarely presents itself as an end-all event to complete happiness. Opportunity is more like a gentle push towards something more. Seeing the opportunity is less about seeing the world differently and more about seeing yourself differently. If we constantly tell ourselves that we aren’t good enough or lucky enough for a different change of pace, well, when that opportunity comes a knocking we’re more likely to ignore it. Let’s be honest, we all make our luck.

So how do you make your own opportunity?

1. There is no box.

All those bias emotions that you’ve collected over the years need to be incinerated. It’s time to become a student again and learn from someone else. Don’t be the expert. If you’re self-conscious about something, push yourself to lose those feelings. The more you let that emotion affect your designs, the more your life will be affected by someone else’s rules.

I was in a creative conference one time when someone raised their hand to ask the keynote speaker a question.

“How do you think outside the box?”

The speaker took a moment and whispered something into the microphone that forever changed my life. His answer:

“There is no box.”


Imagine if we all looked at life as a clean slate. No rules, regulations, or any boundaries of holding us to be different. To start creating new opportunities stop trying to think outside the box and start thinking with no box at all.

2. Why?

Ask more “Why” questions. Why is it done that way? Why isn’t it done that way? Use those questions to press into the backstory of the simplest of things. When we notice the explosive creativity in the simplest of tasks, that’s when we can see opportunities all around us.

3. Improvement.

How can this be improved? In what ways can you improve your learning or the actions you take in your everyday tasks? Do you need to do every step? Do you need to add more? How can you be more effective without adding more work? If you could start over, what would you change?

These improvements don’t have to be a night and day change. They can be tiny, microscopic changes that only you see. Those small changes though are the way to creating new larger opportunities for you.

So what do you think? How do you create new opportunities in your life? Sound off below.

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