In my new book Thumbraising, I explain how I used sites like Twitter and Facebook to raise money for my bicycle trip across America. With any online fundraiser, picking a giving tool can be one of the most stressful things to choose. If your a church or larger organization you maybe using services like SecureGive or E Transfer but for those of us who don’t have those services here are some other fundraising tools for you or your organization.

PayPal has been around for years making it a trusted brand. However, most people still don’t realize that they have donations tools. I used PayPal when I was fundraising because it was simple to use and all the money could be accessed with my PayPal debit card. They also have ready to make donation buttons and if you know some HTML, those same buttons allow you to collect donor information.
The standard processing fee per donation is 2.2% of the donation, plus $0.30
Google has their hand in everything, and the donation game is no exception. Google Wallet doesn’t have many options for customization, but it does allow donors to make easily repeated donations.
The standard processing fee per donation is 2.9% of the donation, plus $0.30
FirstGiving was made for nonprofits in mind.  It’s a pretty robust fundraising tool allowing you to have donor management, social media options when someone gives, CMS, and email tools. It makes direct donations, donor communications and even specific campaigns pretty easy to manage.
The standard processing fee per donation is 7.5%. You as the organization have the option to cover the fee, or charge donors the percentage.
Razoo is a great way for your cause to get displayed. You can create specific fundraising pages or use the donation widget on your own website.  It does allow for recurring or one time payments and is extremely easy to set up.
The standard process fee per donation is 4.9%.
These are just a few options out there, when it comes to collecting donations online. Sites like Causes, CrowdRise, and GoFundMe are all good options for crowdfunding personal causes or projects.
What online donation tools are you using right now? Comment below!


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