It was a rainy Fourth of July, but that wouldn’t stop the church from doing their annual 4th of July party. The tent was up. Tables were set. The missing ingredient was the music.

“Chris, why aren’t the speakers set up?” asked my Pastor.

“It’s raining…”

“And….why aren’t the speakers set up?”

Against my better judgment, I didn’t argue and proceeded to set up the speakers in the rain. What followed is something you would only see in a movie. A movie about people who make stupid decisions.

Stepping through the muddy grass and plugging in the extension chords, I just knew something bad would happen. Every time I plugged in a cable, I would grit my teeth and prepare for the worst. However, nothing happened. I finish setting up the rest of the sound system and head back to the soundboard

Plugging in my iPod, the music started blaring through the speakers.


My thumb is scrolling through the different music options, when I felt a small tingling.

That’s strange. Why does my hand feel weird? Dropping the iPod, my hand felt a little numb. Shaking it off, I preceded to scroll the options again.

My hand’s grip tightens to the iPod. I couldn’t let go. The numbing feeling that was just in my hand, moved all the way up my arm and into my chest.

I couldn’t talk.

I couldn’t scream.

I could only just stand there and be shocked.

Thoughts were running through my head like,
“Local pastor gets fried at church fry!”

“He’s Electric” (That’s a nice pun off of the Oasis song “She’s Electric.” Cue drums.)

Thankfully, someone noticed my discomfort and unplugged the iPod from the soundboard.

So what did we learn from this experience?

Don’t listen to your pastor 🙂

No, just don’t put your health at risk for trivial things like music at a church party.

Have you ever put yourself in a dangerous situation for someone else or for a church gathering? Comment and share your story.

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