I’ll be honest with you resting is a constant struggle for me. I start to get anxious and get frustrated when I can’t work, because in my mind if I pause then I stop growing. I tend to place my worth in my ability to work.
I believe that lie all too often. I don’t think I’m the only one either.

There is this misconstrued idea of “hustle” that is going around and needs to be discussed.

This idea that the harder you work, the more successful you will be.
  • Hustle is not working 80 hours a week.
  • Hustle is not putting work as your main priority.
  • Hustle is not about proving others how great you are.

This is how we become workaholics


Yes, you should work hard.


Yes, you’ll put in more hours some days than others.


Yes, if you work hard enough you will see the fruit of your labors.


However, when you don’t take a Sabbath that’s when the anxiety sets in and our spiritual lives go into chaos.


“If you don’t take a Sabbath, something is wrong. You’re doing too much, you’re being too much in charge. You’ve got to quit, one day a week, and just watch what God is doing when you’re not doing anything.”
Eugene Peterson

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What’s scripture say about taking a Sabbath?

“By the seventh day God had finished the world he had been doing; so on the seventh day, he rested from all his work. Then God blessed the seventh day and made it holy because on He rested from all the work of creating that he had done” Genesis 2:15 28

God rested.
Let me repeat that. The God of the entire universe who created you and me. The same One that spoke time into existence also rested.
If the God of the universe rested, than why don’t we??
This verse sets into motion the natural rhythm that God has intended for our lives. When we get off this rhythm, that’s when we can feel anxiety, exhaustion, and stress creep into our lives.
We need to observe Sabbath. Stop and breathe. Walk in the park, take in God’s creation. Play with your kids. Sit and stare. Sabbath allows for much needed rest and to reflect on God’s promises. When you go back to work on Monday, you’re ready to bring the hustle.

The Solution

  1. Schedule your Sabbath.
  2. Turn your phone on do not disturb
  3. Reconnect with nature


Today, may you rest. May You find yourself breathing in the goodness of God and yield to the rhythmsof grace. May you remember that if even the God of the universe rested, it’s ok for you to rest today.

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