How to Baptize a Fat Man who can’t fit in the baptismal.

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fat man

When I was on staff at a church, I received a phone call to visit an elderly man whom I had never met at his house. So I put down what I was working and headed over to his house.


When he answered the door, I noticed two things.

1. He had an oxygen tank.

2. He was big….


I mean really big. He could barely fit through the door frame of his own house.


As I sat in his living room, he wept uncontrollably telling me how he had accepted Jesus in his life. Gasping for air between sentences, he knew his time was coming and he had one last request. He wanted to be baptized.


“That’s great!” I exclaimed “I’ll call the church and have the baptismal filled up.”


He just stared at me. “I can’t do it at the church. I can’t walk up stairs.”


“Oh” Awkward silence. “What about your bath tub then?”


“Do I look like I can fit in my bath tub?”


No, he did not look like he could fit in his bath tub.


What I did next may not be biblically sound or proper.


I made him stand up, “Let’s go to the kitchen.”


As we stood in front of his kitchen sink, I turned on the water filling up the entire sink.


“I baptize you in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit” lowering his face into the sink. His face gently touched the water barely making it wet. So, I grabbed the sprayer and gently rolled water down the top of his head.


At this point, he is sobbing tears of joy. He lifted his head from the water and hugged me.


He didn’t let go for a while.


He was so happy that he was able to get baptized.


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