One of my friends, Heath McNease, is one of the busiest guys I know. This past Feburary he released a new album titled Thrift Store Jesus (it’s free). 7 months later he’s releaseing a brand new album entitled The Weight of Glory-Songs Inspired by the Works of C.S. Lewis.

Heath has just made one of the singles available for free here. Check out what Heath has to say below.

Hello to all of my amazing friends, fans, and listeners! First off…I just wanted to thank everyone for the support they showed with my release of “Thrift Store Jesus.” I simply couldn’t have made that album happen without you.


I’m sending this email to you to let you know that i have a BRAND NEW album coming out in 2 short weeks! It’s called “The Weight of Glory – Songs Inspired by the Works of C.S. Lewis” and it drops for free on Tuesday, August 14th.

The books of C.S. Lewis have influenced my life in a way that would be impossible to simply speak about. So I made an album where each song is about one of his books. This is a deeply personal and incredibly exciting record, and I’m so stoked to get to share it with you guys! So please set your calendars for Tuesday, August 14th! There are various levels of donation on my bandcamp page just like last time, so if you care to support…please don’t hesitate to do so.

Here is a free download of the first song from the album. It’s called “A Grief Observed.” Please listen, download, and share!

And here is a video link where I talk about the purpose behind the project.

Guys…you’ve been so great and so supportive, and I could never thank you enough. I sincerely hope this project blesses you as it blessed me when I was making it. Please share these songs with the world. Music is such a tough gig for the indie artist if he/she doesn’t have great word of mouth as the foundation of their promotion. So please share. And you can always contact me at


@theheathmcnasty on twitter

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