Most of us have fragments of yesterday within our soul. We have little pieces of betrayal, disappointment, and hopelessness scattered all through our heart. Some pieces are bigger than others. Some pieces are sharper than others. Some pieces are deeper than others.

Our lives are different because of those fragments. Those fragments have changed and continue to change us.


We remember the time where they said they didn’t love us anymore.


We remember how lonely we felt when they left in the middle of night.


We remember when our boss promised us a raise, and never came through with it.


We remember when they gave back into their addiction


We remember when loneliness was the only thing we held on too.


The feeling of self-doubt and self-loathing become a reoccurrence in our minds. It speaks lies into our minds telling us we aren’t worth it. We aren’t savable or fixable. That life would be better spent in the shadows.


We don’t have a choice on our fragments. Our past happened. We can’t change that, and shouldn’t change it. However, that doesn’t stop some of us from living in our fragments.


Some people never let go of their past. Continually revving it’s ugly head, people will give into the chaos of their yesterdays. It will make them believe that their past, is something like a huge growth on their back.




Forever attached.


Distinguishing their present from their past is almost impossible. They choose to not separate the two. They hold on to the feelings of bitterness, emptiness, and despair instead of letting it go.


They hold on to this idea that they shouldn’t have been put through that hurt and disaster. Self-loathing is just a part of their lives now; they are the worst, and they don’t deserve better.


Don’t give into that temptation.


You always deserve better.


Never sell yourself short. You were not cheaply made, so stop acting like it.


The pain of your past is not your finished story. The pain of your past does not define you. The pain of your past bares witness that life can be raised again. Your past allows you and others to see, that you did in fact survive. Your past acts as a reminder of the hope and restoration that can transform lives.


Don’t live by the fragments of your yesterday.

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