In my line of work, I work a lot behind the scenes of church services, conferences, and public forms. My platform doesn’t require me to dress up at all. When I do events, most of the techy guys behind the scenes work in sweatpants and a pair of crocks.

When did that become ok to dress like a slob?

It’s not. It’s not ok to dress like a lazy @$$. Why? Click the jump.

When I work at an event, most headline speakers, event coordinators, or even attendees don’t take any of the “tech” guys seriously.


Because we dress like slobs. We smell like Aunt Jemima’s armpit. We don’t look professional.


People who dress well are taken seriously. It shows they are here to work. It shows that this event is important. Dressing well means you want to own what you do and show why you are the best at it. Dressing well improves your self discipline.


Now I’m not saving that dressing well determines your success by it self, but it sure helps.  If you are going to dress like you own the place, your attitude needs to have confidence.


We all shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but in our society all we look at is the cover…then the results.


Don’t be weird about it. Don’t be obnoxious. Be classy.  Don’t dress like a lazy ass.


In order to educate myself to dress better here are a couple of items I’ve recently added to my life:


Do you think dressing up is important? Leave your comments below.

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