I’m sure we’ve all been there. Whether we want to admit it or not, we’ve all been “Bored with God”. For years we have battled against life and is obstacles.

We get tired.

We get weary.

We get numb to the fight.

We get numb to God.

We want to get on a deeper level with God, so we go off by ourselves to pray, but find that every little thing is a distraction. Instead of taking the car ride in silence, and pushing into the presence of God, we turn on Spotify just to clear the air of the deafening silence.

It’s becoming increasingly hard to stand the sound of silence, because it’s boring.

Boredom is something that comes with life. We all get bored with something at one time, or another.

It’s inevitable.

Just because it’s bound to happen, doesn’t mean that’s what God intended.

When we are bored with God, it reveals that something other than God has our attention.

Our Twitter feed is more interesting, than the God who created the Universe.

Maybe we need to go back to the basics. Maybe we need to simply schedule time to be “bored”, so that the deafening silence becomes a soft whisper from the Creator.

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