After reviewing the traffic and conversations from yesterday’s blog post, its obvious this is something that is still fresh in our minds. Though hip-hop, KJ-52, and the Assemblies of God aren’t by any means demonic it did bring up the question “What if there are things in our lives that our “new carts””

The food that we eat?


The way we handle our money?


They way we treat our family?


The amount of time checking Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter?


The way technology is used in our church services?


The football game?


There might be “new carts” that we haven’t seen. Maybe Gabe was off in his detailed approach of bashing the A/G. Maybe he was right on when it came to addressing that church could be in fact creating “new carts” and not even knowing it.


I would love to know what you think. Are there things that we as Christians and as the church could be getting wrong? What do you think some “new carts” in the church are?

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