My Story

Years ago, I was at a crossroads for my life. I had just turned in my resignation from my full time ministry job and had nothing lined up to follow. I was burnt out and needed something new. So, I jumped into the creative field and began creating videos, graphics, and whatever else people needed.

What started as a need to survive soon became a lifestyle of creating.

That was May of 2008. I had created 3 logos and several graphics for various churches and business around town. Those designs were really well received, and before I knew it, I had started a full fledge media design company. I had a find a way to keep this unexpected business going.

I had to hustle.

I’d love to say after months and months of hard work things finally took off but that’s not the case at all. It was hustling years and years, with a lot of late nights and a lot of sacrifices that my business really started to take off.

It started with a small idea that still holds true today:

Create beautiful things that I’m proud of.


I didn’t start with any formal business plan or have any background in business at all. I just tried to apply common sense, research, and watching a lot of Youtube video on how to fix the problems with they arose. For me, I found that the best way of learning is actually doing it. Going this route has allowed me to work alongside some of the largest non-profits in the world like American Bible Society, Venture Expeditions, CBN, Charisma Magazine, and the Assemblies of God. I’ve all been really fortunate to have some of my work featured in Relevant Magazine, Ministry Today, and Apple INC.

I’m not a designer.

I’m a creative.


Yes, I love to design and make videos. Yes, I geek out over the latest gear and what you can achieve with them. However, ask me if I’m a designer and I’ll say no, because I’m so much more than that. I’m a creative. I write books. I create documentaries. I speak. I challenge myself in unconventional ways. I love to create.

Of course, I never could have gotten to where I am now without the support of hundreds of clients from around the world who appreciate what I’ve been doing and want to tell their friends about it. I’ve relied almost exclusively on word of mouth, and with the help of the Internet and social media, the reach of my projects has gone globally. I’ve been in voted to share my story and my philosophy on creative living at a variety of conferences and workshops.

Giving Back

I partner with a great organization called Venture Expeditions, and they are extremely efficient in implementing their donations they receive to refugees in need. My wife and I got to experience this first hand when we were invited to visit Thailand. I’m so grateful for those that choose to use my services to help give back to these amazing people.

I’ll Keep It Authentic, Yo

I know, I know that title is annoying but here me out. It’s one of my life’s goals that I can be as transparent as possible. I want to share the highs and lows without sugarcoating either side. That’s why I’ll share a lot of the behind the scenes in my projects. I always want to be accessible to the people who are just starting their dreams and to the people who’ve been going at it far longer than I have. I love connecting with people on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

What You Should Know About Me

I live in downtown Seattle with my wife, Sara. You can find me on all social media platforms under “chrispochiba” because I’m literally the only Chris Pochiba in the world. Here’s a list of other important facts you need to know about me.


I’ve ridden my bicycle across America and have created a documentary about bicycling as well (I met my wife on that tour)


I was born with two teeth


My wife and I love to travel and make videos


I’m an avid Chipotle conness sore


I’ve written two books