We live in the day and age where the term “Celebrity Pastor” is used quite a bunch. For those who are unfamiliar with the term “Celebrity Pastor” it’s simply this.

A pastor who is a celebrity. (See how I just switched the words to define the term. I know that drove a lot of people crazy)

Typically these are Pastors of large mega churches. They sale books by the millions and they make sure to let everyone know how humble they are, as they are sit on the sidelines of the Superbowl. With any celebrity, there are always some ego battles. Here are 5 Signs that your Pastor has a huge ego.


1. Wears a thumb ring. By wearing the thumb ring they declare that they can pull of the thumb ring. Let it be known, that no one can pull off the thumb ring.


No one.

You are not the lead singer of Nickelback.


2. Their Instagram feed is nothing but pictures of them preaching. I think it’s universally understood, that as a Pastor you WILL be speaking publicly. You don’t have to remind anyone about it. Especially if your pictures have the caption “God brought it today” 


3. That actually brings us to our next point. They post a status update similar to the following “God brought a great word today” and then precedes to quote points from his/her sermon.


4. Spends over half the marketing budget on billboards of him and his wife. (or vise versa)


5. They spend more time on their hair and deep V color choices, then they do their sermon.


I honestly hate the term “Celebrity Pastor” We live in a screwed up society, where we place value on being famous. Now, most of those pastors that are “Celebrity” status most likely didn’t ask to be labeled that way. We just gave it to them. It’s not their fault that they are doing their ministry well.


Have you ever heard of a celebrity pastor? Do you think that term should even exist? Sound off below.


**Some more signs


*The pastor is ushered away after the sermon so no interaction with the people can take place.


*Their official title is longer than the sermon on the mount (Ex. The Honorable Bishop of the Most High Master of Divinity Dr. George Spurlin”


*They post pictures of them hanging out with real life celebrities like it’s an everyday occurrence.


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