A normal day for me consists of lots of phone calls, staring at a computer screen creating designs, shooting videos, and hardly any time for things that I actually find enjoyable. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job. I love working with wonderful non-profits and business’ with design needs. However, that’s not the only thing I do, and it’s not the only thing that I want to be known for. I recognized that I was heading down the road of becoming burnt out if I wasn’t careful. So here are 5 Steps that have drastically improved my way of living. Check them out after the jump.


1. Turn off my phone.
My job literally has me on the phone for countless hours of the day. Whether it’s actual phone conversations or text messages, it doesn’t stop. Everyone has something that they need or want to talk about and it was driving me insane. I use to think it was important to answer any message right away. This was causing me to be stressed, especially when I had clients call or text at late hours of the night (You know who you are Mr. Let me text you at 12:25 in the morning because you had an urgent problem). So, I decided to turn off my phone. And guess what? The world didn’t end. Sure some people have become frustrated with me for not responding back fast enough, but, they aren’t the ones living my life are they? I heard an amazing quote from a friend at my church, and it goes like this:


“Urgent things scream. Important things whisper.” 


2. Turn off my email.
Again, this goes hand in hand with the phone thing. Remember the days where we didn’t have cell phones or access to the internet at our every beckoning call? Of course not. Believe me when I say, there use to be a time where people couldn’t get a hold of you…and everything was okay. I feel like that rule should still apply to today. Set boundaries with the amount of time you putting in responding and checking your email. I check my email twice a day.


3. Exercising.
Exercising allows your body to produce endorphin hormones, which in turn help improve your mood. I’ve been waking up early in the morning and doing at least an hour of cardio and weight lifting. I’ve noticed the days that I don’t get it in, my mood is drastically different. I feel tired and grouchy when I don’t get to work out. I also can’t fit in my pants, so there’s that incentive.


4. Being intentional with relationships.
I’ve been going out of my way to make new relationships. I’m an introvert at heart, wanting to stay at home and binge watch all of Netflix. However, I can’t live life like that. Sure it’s okay on occasion, but if I want to improve my life, I have to live it with others. Whether that’s going on coffee dates, going to concerts, or simply just hanging out at someones house. Life is better together.


5. Sticking to my schedule.
I met with a friend who is a fantastic organizer. I laid out everything that was in my life, and she helped me organize it. She created a spreadsheet like the one below that is my “ideal schedule”. Obviously life happens, and you can’t stick with this particular schedule of everyday, but it’s a good thing to strive for. I can tell you from experience, this schedule is helping. With this schedule, I have to stick with it. If I can’t fit it in, then it can’t fit in. Mine and your time is so valuable. Being intentional with my time has been one of the best ways I have improved my life.  Below is a screen shot of my ideal week schedule. (Yes, I know my scheduled has 30 minutes for video games. Deal with it.)Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 2.11.36 AM
So what are some ways you’ve improved your life?


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