As a designer, simplicity is everything I strive for in a design. Look at the most successful design concepts of all time, and 95% of them are simple. Just look at Apple and it’s product line. All of their products, including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod, are simple.
Simple to use.

Simple to navigate.

They strive to create straightforward designs that people, who have no skills at operating technology, can even use them.

The easier it is for someone to understand what you stand for and who you are, the easier it is for those same to people to share it with others.

I’ve taken this model of simplicity and applied it to my everyday life.


Simplicity is not being boring. Simplicity is being intentional on how you want to be represented.
How do you want to be represented?
Here are 5 questions that helped me take my life and simplify it. You can apply these same questions to your business, church, or personal life.


1. What is my purpose?


2. What do want to be known for?


3. What is something I can take away and still retain functionality?


4.What are 3 tools that will help me achieve my purpose?


5. Will it still matter in 5 years?


I would love to know what you are doing to make your life more simple. Sound off below.

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