Choosing your domain is just as important as picking your organizations name. In a lot of ways, it’s more important. Below are 5 Must Have’s when picking a domain name.

1. Make sure it’s available. In fact, go one step forward and use whois.com. Whois.com is an online identity provider. They will tell you if the domain is open, who owns it, when it expires, and all sorts of much needed information.

2. Get the .com. – The .com is the most common of all the domain suffixes. Some non-profits may opt for “.org”, but try for that .com first.

3. Make it easy to remember – you want to make your domain catchy and easy to remember.

4.No hyphens or numbers. DO NOT PUT THESE IN YOUR ADDRESS. It makes it so hard to remember the domain when characters like this are being used, let alone saying your domain to others verbally. How do you spell “hyphen”?

5.Shorter is better. You don’t want anyone typing a paragraph to get to your site. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)


**Bonus round. If the initials of your company spell out an actual word, I would argue against using that for your domain. For example, First Assembly of God Church shouldn’t use f-a-g-church.com or Boxerville Assembly shouldn’t use bag.com. Let’s be smart about it.



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