We all hear those stories of people who seem to be “in the right place at the right time.” They are always finding themselves receiving promotions, meeting celebrities or catching a big break in their hustle.

The thing is these people are rarely lucky they are just strategic. Strategic with their time, their interactions and their opportunities

I remember sitting in a coffee shop in Phoenix when I had an idea pop into my head.

“What if I designed his book cover?”

I had heard rumblings from my friend @loswhit that he was in the middle of writing his next book. I didn’t know the name or what it was about, but I knew it had something to do with spiders. Pulling out my computer, I opened up Illustrator and began drafting a concept for Carlos.

Once completed, I shot him an email that explained that he didn’t have to use this art at all, it probably wasn’t even that great, to begin with, I just wanted to create something to motivate him to finish his book. Because let’s be real, he wasn’t going to use my book cover design.

To my surprise, Carlos emailed back saying that he loved it and was forwarding it to his publisher.

A couple of weeks went by, and I received a phone call from his publisher, and they loved the design, too. No tweaks. No changes (except for the correct subtitle).

I had made my own opportunity.

So, now you’re wondering “That’s great Chris, but I’m not a designer.” Never fear you don’t have to be a designer or even an artist to make your own opportunities! Here are five habits you can start learning to start creating new opportunities.

1. Notice

Notice everything. When you interact with people, pay attention to what they are saying. How they are saying it. See things that most people don’t notice.
Notice pain points for people and how you can solve them.
Notice the process in which things happen or how you work and.
Once you get into this habit of noticing your environment, you’ll start seeing more opportunities around you.

2. Make Yourself Available

If I had never emailed Carlos, I would have never gotten the chance. Most of the time, we don’t even take that first step in letting people we’re interested. Send an email. A text. A tweet. Make sure people know that you are there. Be open to what’s open even if it means embracing a different way of thinking.

3. Be Optimistic

People who feel unlucky, honestly, are unlucky all the time. They feel like bad luck always happens to them. If you keep thinking that way, you’re totally right! Bad luck will continue to happen to you! Change your attitude. When were optimistic and bad times come, the positivity allows us to be resilient.

4. Network

Build a network of people. Don’t be an island. As you network, you’ll start hearing pain points or needs that you can be the answer to. Be their answer.

5. Aim High

No one changed the world by being a realist. Set goals that you’re not even sure you can ever achieve and then hustle. HUSTLE hard.

So, if you’re waiting for a door to open for you, go ahead and turn the knob to open the door yourself.

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