I love creating. Whether it’s books, artwork, PR plans, or a course creating something out of nothing gives me a high like no other. Heck, I have an entire business dedicated to making. However, sometimes my heart behind creating isn’t so pure.

So instead of creating what’s on my heart I try to create what I think other people want.
I look at the latest trends.
I research the writing styles of New York Times Bestsellers.
I watch hours of YouTube vloggers, thinking I should copy their style and words and I’ll be hit.
Fame beckons out to me, because this anonymity lull that I’m in is for the birds. I mean if I can be like, talk like, think like “them” I’ll have the same influence as them and than maybe I could help people…right?
The reality is that’s straight up bullsh#$… ugh I mean poo,  my mom reads this blog so I have to keep it G rated.
There’s no amount of fame that will ever be enough and if I can’t take what God has given me now how can he trust me with a bigger platform.
Screw the numbers of views.
Forget the Google analytics.
In the end it doesn’t matter. All that matters is if I KEEP MAKING.
The same rings true for you.
Keep making.
Keep pushing.
Keep being the person that God has created you to be.
Don’t buy into the lie that you have to stick with the trend or you have to edit a video just like that one famous dude. Create as though your work makes God happy, because it does.
Keep Making as if what you are making already has purpose.
Which it does.


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