Everyone knows that Easter falls on 4/20 this year. Why is that even an issue? Well, 4/20 is national “Weed” Day. Here are 10 things you can expect when attending Easter this year on 4/20.

1. Someone will greet you with the saying “There’s No High, Like the Most High.”


2. Remember, the stone isn’t the only thing being rolled away today.


3. Fog machines will not be needed for the Easter service.


4. Everyone’s Easter’s best is sweatpants and GAP hoodies.


5. A dime in the offering bag most likely doesn’t have FDR on it.


6. The story of Moses experiencing the burning bush will be extremely relevant and hit home to a lot of people.


7. The song “This Little Light Of Mine” takes on a whole different meaning.


8. When opening the Hymn Book the song “You make me lie down in green pastures” is both metaphorical and literal.


9. The palm leaves aren’t the only plant being celebrated today.


10. You will probably hear a pastor say sometime today “Don’t let Satan blow it out


Have a great Easter everyone!

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