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Are You Overwhelmed With Your Hustle?

By | Business, Holy Hustle
It happens to all of us. The honeymoon stage of our hustle is over. Our hustle slowly evolves into the daily grind. The unenjoyable, back hunched over computer, long nights staring at the blank screen daily grind. Turning your hustle into a sustainable business model isn’t for the faint of...
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Why I Charge For My Work

By | Holy Hustle
When I was first starting out as a freelance designer I made sure my prices low. LIKE REAL LOW. I remember offering a deal to local business owners that went like this: 500 Custom Business Cards Designed + Shipped To Your Door for $35. I thought I was doing something...
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How I Got Rid Of Annoying Phone Calls from Clients

By | Business
***Just to be clear this isn't a paid post  or an affliate link whatsoever. I just really like the results from using this app*** As a solopreneur, I don’t have a full-time assistant. I’m my own secretary, accountant, marketer, content curator, designer and whatever else I need to be. One...
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